mardi 18 novembre 2008

Temptations and the Romantic: Michael-AK

Temptations and the Romantic
By Michael-AK 2006

I was not born to discover
Instead I live to discover myself
In a mirror right in front of me
In a restaurant
Right in your magnificent eyes,
Sometimes shy of words,
Just looking.
Contemplating and bitter about
The time-space coordinate
That put me in the wrong trajectory
That forced me into you.
Why here and why now?
Floods of questions but no answers.
I wanted your tender hug, and
Hoped for a kiss or two.
But my urge inhibited
By time and space
Pained by heartbreak
What an irony
Right after our good bye
Drove home into the sunset
With a big smile in my face
Lost in a daydream
Thinking about your poems and mine
Just discovered myself
That never in my life
Uttered such expression
Of friendship and love
With such intensity, rigor and fluency
Oh thank god, I am in love
What a feeling,
Filled with happiness
And grace
Eternally grateful to you
For being that mirror
To see myself in your eyes
To discover myself
And to experience this unforgiving love

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