mardi 11 novembre 2008

My Fall Tree by Michael AK

My Fall Tree
by Michael-AK

Standing by the sidewalk
Frequented by the young
Who came from all directions
To enjoy your bright decorations
To express their young love
Some Lonely and broken
But found peace and happiness
From your fragrance
Of Roses and Of Sunflowers
Evaporating from your leaves
Highlighted by the sweet sun rays
In motion by the gentle breeze
Filled with whispers of lovers
Inanimate object for the fool
A clear mirror of time for me
A Pillar of happiness and hope
For what it is to come
For what is to be
Giggling children
Admiring your falling leaves
Clueless of your mystery
Looking up to your face
Asking why you let them go
Spreading their hands
Just like your branches
Pretending to be you
In their dreams
Running, Jumping and rolling
In piles of your leaves
Awakened by the new day
Just to find you gone away
Etched in their memories for ever

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