dimanche 23 novembre 2008

My thanksgiving

My Thanksgiving

by Michael-AK 2008

At this time, at this place
I give thanks to the lord
For providing me the strength
To reflect on his great gift
I am thankful for this dirt
Lord, and for the few grains
To sustain me for the day
I am thankful for your generosity

I am thankful for being poor and hungry
I am thankful to see my mother cry
I am thankful for her tearless cry
That she is not denied her humanity
To despair the loss of her children
Like all mothers would

I am thankful for the stabbing pain
Of hunger in my spine
Of the burning tears in my eyes
Of the weak breathe that
God planted in me, with instruction
Live! Live! Live

I am thankful to live
To serve my lord
As an example of despair
So that you, his blessed
Appreciate what you have

I am thankful to live
For the chance given to me
To appreciate the well off
To help me envision
The promise of his kingdom

I am thankful that I will die
Soon to see my lord
I am thankful that
God will release me from bondage
To be born again to live
But this time in heavens

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Abebe Kebede a dit…

Dear Dr. Abede,

Oh how wonderful it is to work with such kind people!!! I have just been thinking how we all should count our many blessings this Thanksgiving considering all the massive suffering in the world today. I have been delaying getting off another contribution to Catholic Relief Services but will try to get to this today or tomorrow.

As a Roman Catholic regular supporter of Catholic Relief Services I am often reminded of the dire circumstances people live in today and am amazed at how resilient they are and how they are able to keep faith in the good during all their trials....I have thought of giving to some of these charities where you adopt a child and so forth since I am an old maid and have no children....however, as nice as it might be to get a card once a year from a child I support, I think CRS is still my best bet because 94% of what you give to CRS goes DIRECTLY TO THE SUFFERING.....I have not found a charity with a better record than that and CRS is already on the ground when disasters strike in many countries so aid can be funneled quickly....in addition, they give to all...they do not care anything about your race, creed, age, station in life, etc....they just give to those who need....you might be interested in checking out their web site sometime to see how on top of things they are in Africa and how much work they have going on there....

Thank you for reminding us all what Thanksgiving is really about.....

Your colleague,

Gay Davis