lundi 17 novembre 2008

Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics
By Michael-AK 2008

Your major concepts,
Impressive and Illusive
Your descriptions of this vast Universe
Expression of the knots that tie it together,
You are an excellent storyteller

What will you say next?
The chance of existence ?
Answer me!
Quantum mechanics
Do I exist because I am?
Or Am I because I exist?
Which comes first?
Have I called myself into existence?

Looking for a single unifying equation
With lots of parameters of life in it
May I initiate your soul?
To tell me more stories,
To fill my bare soul with wisdom
To care for fellow human being
To appreciate what I am given,
To realize my power
To make a better world for others

Believe me,
As far as I am concerned
You are like
The sound of a trembling drum calling to gather,
The sound of honey bees working hard,
A singing bird floating free in the air
Tell me more stories
You neat expression of nature !

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