lundi 17 novembre 2008

Our Red Little Umbrella

Our Red Little Umbrella
by Michael-AK 2008

The air filled with the aroma
Of coffee and of burning essence
The soft song on a new mother
Her sweet lullaby
The sound of a recorder
Of a shepherd
Signaling the arrival of the herd
The screams of Children
Fearful of the dark
The sound of a heavy storm
Ferocious and merciless
Coming from the east
From the majestic mountain
Two siblings
Returning from evening choir
Two dark shadows
Formed by the flash of lightning
Their prayer muted by the roaring thunder
Holding each other tight
And taking refuge
Under a little red umbrella
Comforted by the smell
Of their mother
Anxious, scared and wet
Oh God the Merciful,
May your light from the heavens
Guide us
Show us the way home

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