mardi 11 novembre 2008

Fom me to You

From me to you
by Michael-AK 2005

Standing on a hill top
Overlooking this land of Arabs
A desert Oasis where stories are told
For millennium
The air filled with
The snores of the Arabian Steeds
The yell of the Arabian Nights
The Heroic songs of Ethiopian Warriors
The commanding voice of the Negus
Protector of Muslims
The far away Allah Wakbar
Coming from the land of Habash
The voice of Moses
The teacher of the Ten Commandments
Reading Loud from the Great Books
Pasted on the Arc of the Covenant
Liberating his people from Bondage
Let my people Go!

This is where I am
Standing in front of
The Great City of Al-Ain
Contemplating history
Of mine and yours
Looking west
Towards you
The Land of Habash

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