dimanche 1 février 2009

flower of light
by Michael AK 2009

A towering intellectual figure
With a passion to discover the unknown
Who strives to design hypothesis
To construct postulates and Empirical rules
That may lead to solutions to known problems
And to problems that are yet to be discovered
You walk in hallways of knowledge
Treating at every one as your equal,
A student, a professor or just a passerby
Your voice of decent and care for
Those in distress, in Rwanda and Zimbabwe
You are crowned with great titles
Distinguished University Professor
Elected to the hall of fame of the academies
You diligently push the envelop of human knowledge
You are the Leading edge human endeavor
You are the flower of light
Of a nation and a people
You wrote their history
That guides them in times of
Their triumphs and their struggles
Your fame attracts many to your classes
Your students look up to you
As their friend and mentor
You lit the fire in them
The desire to learn the history
Of your nation and your people
You created the disciples of knowledge and reason
The guiding lights for generations to come

mardi 23 décembre 2008

Lucy Mythology: The meaning of you (Michael-AK2008)

I am the woman who walked the Earth first. I am the mother of all. My people call me Dinkinsh. It means you are amazing. Amazing is I am as, my home mother earth. The roof are my skies. Amazing is you my children, the way you turn out to be. I will tell you stories about how I came about and how everything came about. At first before I became, and before everything became everything existed in word. Everything existed in the primordial space and time singularity, the abyss. There was neither day nor night. The power of the creator dwelt in the abyss. The word was spoken, day and night separated

God called my name three times: Eve ! Eve! Eve!
Then I became. I touched the face of my creator. He spoke to me. I replied by the language of the creator. I called him my God. I asked God, why he called me three times and he replied. The first time was for the four elements. The second time was for the seven heavens, stars, the constellations and their leaders. The third time was for the animals and plants according to their sizes and dwellings. God instructed me to give name to everything I see, touch, hear, smell or taste. I named the four elements, air, fire earth and water. From these God created man. I called the man Adam. Adam spoke my language, he called me Dinkinesh

God said to me: “Let my power and the power of all the gods dwell in you”
He instructed me to name everything according to my wants and wishes. I named the stars, the constellations and their leaders. I named every animal, plant and every living creature. I named the four rivers, the mountains and the oceans. I named my children Ethiopians

dimanche 14 décembre 2008

This is Christmas to me Part I: Michael-AK 2008

This is Christmas to me: Part I Michael AK2008

Time to live again

A life recent, past and distant
Immortalized in my memories
My beloved uncle
Who taught me life lessons
That anchored me on a strong foundation
The realization of myself and
The meaning of me
Dear nephew he says:
You are a small sheaf of this universe
But an important piece that
You are the reflections
Of the people who love you

Time to live again

A life recent, past and distant
Immortalized in my memories
A great compound of picket fences
Filled with flowers and evergreens and
Silent prayers of a tender Grand mother
Counting her shiny rosemary
Elohe Elohe
Thank you Lord the merciful
For the good fortune and
For the birth of the child and
The promise to save your servant
Elohe Elohe

Time to live again
A life recent, past and distant
Immortalized in my memories
A mother’s love
Uninhibited and selfless love
Undiminished by time
The first to wake up, last to sleep
Her soft melody of praises of saint Marry
Her Prayers to bless her family and
To ease the fever of her ill baby

samedi 13 décembre 2008

This is Christmas to me: Part II by Michael AK 2008

Time to live again
A life recent, past and distant
Immortalized in my memories
A father’s love
Unyielding to hardship
Or to scorn of a neighbor
An eagle by night and
A bee by the day
Watched and guarded and led the family
Always began his day with a great prayer
Dear Lord: What can you not do?
As you can suspend the Earth in heavens
Without visible pillars
Help it move freely through the stars
As you can put the stars in their places
Shine according to your orders
As you can separate day and night
As you have given us two lights
The sun to warm us, and
The moon to guide us by the night
You my Lord
You can bless my children
Make them kind, as you are kind to them
Pained and scarred by life
His face filled with swollen veins and wrinkles
It is a joy to see him, on Christmas day
When his smiles and happiness
Surface on his beautiful face
Time to live again
A life recent, past and distant
Immortalized in my memories
Christmas eve
From horizon to horizon
The hills and the valleys
Filled with the sound of the time
Church bells and
The songs of the season
The faithful patiently waiting
For the arrival of the baby
Young boys singing
Around a huge bonfire
Genna Game the next day
This is Christmas to me
To live and to tell these stories
Resting on time chair
Built from the confluence of
The past and the present
This is my narrative of the future that
You and I are just
A small sheaf of this universe
The meaning of you and I that
We are just reflections,
Of the people who love us