dimanche 23 novembre 2008

My thanksgiving

My Thanksgiving

by Michael-AK 2008

At this time, at this place
I give thanks to the lord
For providing me the strength
To reflect on his great gift
I am thankful for this dirt
Lord, and for the few grains
To sustain me for the day
I am thankful for your generosity

I am thankful for being poor and hungry
I am thankful to see my mother cry
I am thankful for her tearless cry
That she is not denied her humanity
To despair the loss of her children
Like all mothers would

I am thankful for the stabbing pain
Of hunger in my spine
Of the burning tears in my eyes
Of the weak breathe that
God planted in me, with instruction
Live! Live! Live

I am thankful to live
To serve my lord
As an example of despair
So that you, his blessed
Appreciate what you have

I am thankful to live
For the chance given to me
To appreciate the well off
To help me envision
The promise of his kingdom

I am thankful that I will die
Soon to see my lord
I am thankful that
God will release me from bondage
To be born again to live
But this time in heavens

mardi 18 novembre 2008

Temptations and the Romantic: Michael-AK

Temptations and the Romantic
By Michael-AK 2006

I was not born to discover
Instead I live to discover myself
In a mirror right in front of me
In a restaurant
Right in your magnificent eyes,
Sometimes shy of words,
Just looking.
Contemplating and bitter about
The time-space coordinate
That put me in the wrong trajectory
That forced me into you.
Why here and why now?
Floods of questions but no answers.
I wanted your tender hug, and
Hoped for a kiss or two.
But my urge inhibited
By time and space
Pained by heartbreak
What an irony
Right after our good bye
Drove home into the sunset
With a big smile in my face
Lost in a daydream
Thinking about your poems and mine
Just discovered myself
That never in my life
Uttered such expression
Of friendship and love
With such intensity, rigor and fluency
Oh thank god, I am in love
What a feeling,
Filled with happiness
And grace
Eternally grateful to you
For being that mirror
To see myself in your eyes
To discover myself
And to experience this unforgiving love

lundi 17 novembre 2008

Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics
By Michael-AK 2008

Your major concepts,
Impressive and Illusive
Your descriptions of this vast Universe
Expression of the knots that tie it together,
You are an excellent storyteller

What will you say next?
The chance of existence ?
Answer me!
Quantum mechanics
Do I exist because I am?
Or Am I because I exist?
Which comes first?
Have I called myself into existence?

Looking for a single unifying equation
With lots of parameters of life in it
May I initiate your soul?
To tell me more stories,
To fill my bare soul with wisdom
To care for fellow human being
To appreciate what I am given,
To realize my power
To make a better world for others

Believe me,
As far as I am concerned
You are like
The sound of a trembling drum calling to gather,
The sound of honey bees working hard,
A singing bird floating free in the air
Tell me more stories
You neat expression of nature !

From me to you

From me to you
by Michael-AK 2008

When I look into your face
Glowing with smile
When I look in your eyes
Full of Dreams,
Full of Life
Shy but determined
Careful but courageous
That is when I say
I have a Cool friend
More beautiful than this picture
More vibrant than sunflower
More mysterious than the evening sky

Our Red Little Umbrella

Our Red Little Umbrella
by Michael-AK 2008

The air filled with the aroma
Of coffee and of burning essence
The soft song on a new mother
Her sweet lullaby
The sound of a recorder
Of a shepherd
Signaling the arrival of the herd
The screams of Children
Fearful of the dark
The sound of a heavy storm
Ferocious and merciless
Coming from the east
From the majestic mountain
Two siblings
Returning from evening choir
Two dark shadows
Formed by the flash of lightning
Their prayer muted by the roaring thunder
Holding each other tight
And taking refuge
Under a little red umbrella
Comforted by the smell
Of their mother
Anxious, scared and wet
Oh God the Merciful,
May your light from the heavens
Guide us
Show us the way home

mardi 11 novembre 2008

I wish you were there with me

I wish you wre there with me
by Michael-AK 2008

Contemplating my universe
I came across a tree
Standing up tall and proud
Carrying fruit and green leaves
Shimmering and swaying in the wind
I just wish you were with me
To shimmer and sway in the wind
To bathe in the sweet morning sun rays

Contemplating my universe
I came across a river
Making its way from the highest of mountains
Spreading the seed of life on its way
Polishing and shaping every rock
Grazing everything on its shore
Quenching the thirst of men and beasts
I just wish you were with me
To admire this beauty with me

Contemplating my universe
I came across the night sky
Filled with twinkling stars and wandering planets
Filled with beautiful darkness
Filled with light from shooting stars
Filled with the gentle light of the moon
I just wish to see its reflections
From your wild beautiful face

Fom me to You

From me to you
by Michael-AK 2005

Standing on a hill top
Overlooking this land of Arabs
A desert Oasis where stories are told
For millennium
The air filled with
The snores of the Arabian Steeds
The yell of the Arabian Nights
The Heroic songs of Ethiopian Warriors
The commanding voice of the Negus
Protector of Muslims
The far away Allah Wakbar
Coming from the land of Habash
The voice of Moses
The teacher of the Ten Commandments
Reading Loud from the Great Books
Pasted on the Arc of the Covenant
Liberating his people from Bondage
Let my people Go!

This is where I am
Standing in front of
The Great City of Al-Ain
Contemplating history
Of mine and yours
Looking west
Towards you
The Land of Habash

Thank you

Thank you
by Michael AK-2007
Your Smiles
Bright and Genuine
Wilde and Unforgiving
Radiant and full of glares
Beautiful Blue skies
Dotted with bright clouds
Beautiful day
Filled with your smiles
Highlight of your inner beauty
Expression of your soul
Captured in time and space
Blessed be the day
When your eyes met mine
I can only say
Thank you
For your warm smiles

My Fall Tree by Michael AK

My Fall Tree
by Michael-AK

Standing by the sidewalk
Frequented by the young
Who came from all directions
To enjoy your bright decorations
To express their young love
Some Lonely and broken
But found peace and happiness
From your fragrance
Of Roses and Of Sunflowers
Evaporating from your leaves
Highlighted by the sweet sun rays
In motion by the gentle breeze
Filled with whispers of lovers
Inanimate object for the fool
A clear mirror of time for me
A Pillar of happiness and hope
For what it is to come
For what is to be
Giggling children
Admiring your falling leaves
Clueless of your mystery
Looking up to your face
Asking why you let them go
Spreading their hands
Just like your branches
Pretending to be you
In their dreams
Running, Jumping and rolling
In piles of your leaves
Awakened by the new day
Just to find you gone away
Etched in their memories for ever