dimanche 1 février 2009

flower of light
by Michael AK 2009

A towering intellectual figure
With a passion to discover the unknown
Who strives to design hypothesis
To construct postulates and Empirical rules
That may lead to solutions to known problems
And to problems that are yet to be discovered
You walk in hallways of knowledge
Treating at every one as your equal,
A student, a professor or just a passerby
Your voice of decent and care for
Those in distress, in Rwanda and Zimbabwe
You are crowned with great titles
Distinguished University Professor
Elected to the hall of fame of the academies
You diligently push the envelop of human knowledge
You are the Leading edge human endeavor
You are the flower of light
Of a nation and a people
You wrote their history
That guides them in times of
Their triumphs and their struggles
Your fame attracts many to your classes
Your students look up to you
As their friend and mentor
You lit the fire in them
The desire to learn the history
Of your nation and your people
You created the disciples of knowledge and reason
The guiding lights for generations to come

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